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Watch New Movie Delivery Man No Survey on FULL HD Format

From DreamWorks Pictures comes "Delivery Man", the story of affable underachiever David Wozniak, whose mundane life is turned upside down when he finds out that he fathered 533 children through sperm donations he made twenty years earlier. In debt to the mob, rejected by his pregnant girlfriend, things couldn't look worse for David when he is hit with a lawsuit from 142 of the 533 twenty-somethings who want to know the identity of the donor. As David struggles to decide whether or not he should reveal his true identity, he embarks on a journey that leads him to discover not only his true self but the father he could become as well. (c) Disney
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Movie Title : Delivery Man
Genre Movie :Comedy
Mpaa Rating : PG-13
Release Date : Nov 22, 2013 Wide

Actors :Vince Vaughn,Cobie Smulders,Chris Pratt,Britt Robertson,Jack Reynor


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TagLine Delivery Man One robot's 200 year journey to become an ordinary man.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

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Two crime-scene cleaners discover a mythical, tailed female creature in a concealed cellar. She never utters a word, unable to tell her story, but the pieces of the puzzle soon come together: she's been held captive for decades for reasons soon to surface. Unrated
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Movie Title : Thale
Genre Movie :Mystery & Suspense,Science Fiction & Fantasy
Mpaa Rating : Unrated
Release Date : Apr 5, 2013 Limited

Actors :Silje Reinåmo,Jon Sigve Skard,Erlend Nervold,Morten Andresen,Morten Andrese,Roland Astrand


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Review For Thale

It's too wordy by half, saying what it should be showing -- which is ironic, given helmer Aleksander L. Nordaas' able hand, early on, with unspoken, unseen horrors.
John Anderson-Variety

Odd hybrid doesn't make the most of its folkloric premise.
John DeFore-Hollywood Reporter

Soon the wealth of exposition is accompanied by the appearance of hoofed CG wilderness she-beasts devoid of any terrifying personality.
Nick Schager-Village Voice

There's none of the usual horror over-emphasis here - it's just observational, matter of fact, and thereby much creepier.
Jennie Kermode-Eye for Film

the unexpected is precisely what is delivered by this low-budget, high-ambition rewriting of local ancient folklore in a modern idiom.
Anton Bitel-Cinetalk

Hokey CGI; if the budget wasn't enough to make the effects good enough, they should have been left out entirely.
Staci Layne

Ultimately all wind-up -- a work that dances around a couple moods and genres without ever really wholeheartedly committing to one in particular.
Brent Simon-Shared Darkness

When it tries to do something different and dangerous, Thale succeeds. When it goes for the heart, or the hero moment, it winds up being more miss than hit.
Bill Gibron-PopMatters

Solid work from writer/director Aleksander Nordaas, who shapes a beguiling monster movie without ever truly indulging the tropes that often accompany the chaos.

There is a great deal of humour in the story; the message that 'man is the real savage' is not fresh but it's well played by the director and his leading men.

Thale packs a lot of character and atmosphere into a short running time, making for an entertaining closed-space thriller.
Jamie S. Rich-Oregonian

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TagLine Thale

Watch New Movie Eden No Survey on FULL HD Format

Jamie Chung stars in a searing contemporary drama, based on the true story of a Korean-American teenager who is kidnapped from a bar in New Mexico and transformed into a sex slave in Las Vegas by a band of ruthless international thugs. Beau Bridges plays an avuncular federal marshal, a good ol' boy, who turns out to be one of the operation's masterminds while Matt O'Leary is equally repellent as the boss's wildly erratic, drug-addled right-hand man. But it's Chung who breathes life into a story that could have been reduced to violent, even pornographic sensationalism, if not told so compassionately from the victim's point of view. Human trafficking is a $32 billion-a-year business, perpetrated throughout the world. EDEN gives a thoughtful, albeit mind-boggling perspective on how these crimes are sometimes committed in America within plain sight.
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Movie Title : Eden
Genre Movie :Mystery & Suspense,Drama
Mpaa Rating : R
Release Date : Mar 20, 2013 Limited

Actors :Jamie Chung,Matt O'Leary,Beau Bridges,Jeanine Monterozza,Scott Mechlowicz,Tantoo Cardinal,Eddie Martinez,Joseph Steven Yang,Naama Kates,Laura Kai Chen,Mariana Klaveno,Jeanine Monterroza,Tracey Fairaway,Russell Hodgkinson,Tony Doupe


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Review For Eden

Cruelty, bloodletting and death are evident throughout (frequently occurring just outside the frame), and Griffith's laudable discretion actually intensifies their impact.
Jeff Shannon-Seattle Times

Griffiths lays bare a many-tentacled trafficking system sickening in its reach.
Robert Abele-Los Angeles Times

A quite moving performance comes from Jamie Chung as Eden, repulsion sliding into fearful acceptance without the extinction of hope.
Stanley Kauffmann-The New Republic

Nearly every second is taken up with the horrors inflicted upon the heroine by the sorriest bunch of good ol' boy sadists since "Deliverance."
Farran Smith Nehme-New York Post

A few moments harp on the sentimental, but overall, this is a powerful addition to the small collection of films dedicated to spreading awareness of this horrific crime.
Stephanie Carrie-Village Voice

[An] excruciating vision of under-age women conscripted into sexual slavery by a criminal enterprise from which there is seemingly no escape.
Stephen Holden-New York Times

Jamie Chung gives a reserved, watchful performance, but the true surprise is perpetual nice guy Beau Bridges in a nasty turn as the head trafficker.
Jamie S. Rich-Oregonian

Eden surprises by managing to paint a vivid and disturbing picture of the trafficking experience within the context of a conventional thriller.
Eddie Harrison-The List

It's chilling, convincing, matter-of-fact realism.
Philip French-Observer [UK]

Griffiths handles the exploitation with care, hinting at what goes on rather than rubbing our faces in it.
Amber Wilkinson-Eye for Film

It's based on the experiences of a real life Korean woman, Chong Kim, but you can just tell that many of the facts have been massaged.
Charlotte O'Sullivan-This is London

Harrowing true events are dramatised with surprising restraint in the low-key Eden.
Allan Hunter-Daily Express

I would have liked to know more about the criminal setup, though leaving it unexplained gives it a greater tang of evil: a very strong performance from Chung.
Peter Bradshaw-Guardian [UK]

Engaging, sharply focussed and pointedly non-exploitative sex trafficking drama with a strong script, assured direction and a terrific central performance from Jamie Chung.
Matthew Turner-ViewLondon

Props to Griffiths for proving that it only takes a very slight shift in tone and focus to give a gory old bike a set of shiny new wheels.
David Jenkins-Little White Lies

For half an hour, with brutish hunks abusing teens in torn clothes, we think: "Sexploitation!" Then stately, plump Beau Bridges appears, a corrupt federal marshal resembling a gone-to-girth Timothy Spall, and the story starts.
Nigel Andrews-Financial Times

Director-cowriter Megan Griffiths refuses to sensationalise the tabloid aspects of this harrowing true story about human trafficking within the USA.

A frustratingly mild interpretation of a horrific true-life incident.
Neil Alcock-Empire Magazine

Director Megan Griffiths wastes a great villain and settles for easy answers in a watchable but by-numbers thriller.
Josh Winning-Total Film

Tackles the issue of sex slavery, but does so in a way that never feels too clumsy or overarching. Instead, it's a character study with thriller elements; it exposes you to a horrible underworld without ever beating you over the head with it.
Drew Taylor-The Playlist

The intimate scenes between marginalized individuals feeling out complicated relationships. . .gives unusually poignant insight into those caught up in sex trafficking.
Nora Lee

Tackling the most lurid of subjects, this schlocky shocker proves that sometimes female directors can be as exploitative as men.
David Noh-Film Journal International

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TagLine Eden

Watch New Movie The Woman in Black No Survey on FULL HD Format

A young lawyer (Radcliffe) travels to a remote village where he discovers the vengeful ghost of a scorner woman is terrorizing the locals. -- (C) CBS Films PG-13
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Movie Title : The Woman in Black
Genre Movie :Drama,Horror,Mystery & Suspense
Mpaa Rating : PG-13
Release Date : Feb 3, 2012 Wide

Actors :Daniel Radcliffe,Ciarán Hinds,Janet McTeer,Shaun Dooley,David Burke,Liz White,Sophie Stuckey,Misha Handley,Roger Allam,Mary Stockley,Alexia Osborne,Alfie Field,William Tobin,Victor McGuire,Emma Shorey Molly,Harmon Ellisa,Walker-Reid,Jessica Raine,Lucy May Barker,Indira Ainger


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Review For The Woman in Black

The moody, beautifully composed production raises it above the norm.
Bruce Diones-New Yorker

It takes quite a time before the pieces of a poisonous puzzle appear, and when they do, they don't always fall into place with clarity.
Rex Reed-New York Observer

'The Woman in Black' is old-fashioned, ornate, imposing, occasionally creaky - and possessed of more than a few enjoyably nasty surprises.
Tom Huddleston-Time Out

The star's job description is that he be able to react convincingly to a variety of supernatural events and to endure being covered in mud. He has difficulty with neither.
James Berardinelli-ReelViews

Haunted house movies basically live and die by their atmospherics and by the consequences to those poor mortals who come too close to the premises, and The Woman in Black delivers on both counts.
Alonso Duralde-The Wrap

The Woman in Black is your standard-issue ghost story, gussied up in period garb to make it look like a prestige picture.
Adam Graham-Detroit News

Scene after endless scene of Radcliffe roaming the hallways of a spooky gothic house seeking the source of creepy noises and phantasmic movements is not compelling enough for a two-hour film.

The Woman in Black successfully plumbs the atmospheric vibe of The Haunting but is even more disturbing because all its bad stuff happens to little kids.
Steve Newton-Georgia Straight

Whether or not The Woman in Black provides those chills is entirely up to whatever particular type of creep-out sends shivers down your spine.
Kristal Cooper-We Got This Covered

A thin movie on every level, not particularly frightening, and a disappointing use of all the talent involved. ... No points for Gryffindor.
William Bibbiani-CraveOnline

A gothic horror tale that studiously avoids any modern gimmicks in favour of classically themed motifs, with a neat twist to Hammer its point home.
Ed Gibbs-The Sun Herald

The Woman in Black is not the best ghost story ever made, but it is one of the purest and most effective to hit cinemas in quite a long time. That in itself makes this a film worth cherishing, goose bumps and all.
Matthew Pejkovic-Matt's Movie Reviews

It is a work that transcends the genre whilst not skimping on any of the skin-crawling thrills that the premise promises to deliver.
Simon Foster-Screen-Space

Radcliffe holds it together with a virtually wordless, but still expressive performance.
Adam Bub-MovieFIX

Packed with atmosphere, this old-fashioned but deftly told ghost story delivers ample chills and thrills.
-FILMINK (Australia)

It's a good clean, very British romp - the kind of horror movie you could take your mum to. As long as you're not hoping to be scared to death, you'll have a great time, too.
CJ Johnson-ABC Radio (Australia)

Radcliff, in his first adult role since the Harry Potter franchise concluded, does an excellent job holding the film together, grief pouring from his expressive features.
Louise Keller-Urban Cinefile

If you're looking for nail-biting horror and suspense, this isn't the ticket. But it is a nicely filmed atmospheric study in the Gothic. Mostly, "The Woman in Black" shows that Radcliffe will have no problem shedding his Potter image.
James Plath-Movie Metropolis

The Woman in Black feels like a simpler and more intimate horror of yesteryear.It's well produced, acted and written and for fans of vintage horror, you'll definitely be entertained.
Blake Howard-2UE That Movie Show

Splendidly delivers the old-school, hocus-pocus goods, reminding us that sometimes a bone-chilling movie scare can be frightfully, fitfully fun.
Neil Pond-American Profile

The bottom line on The Woman in Black is that it is a very spooky movie. Old-fashioned and old school, it makes a convincing case for life after death and, for Radcliffe, life after Harry Potter.
Roger Moore-McClatchy-Tribune News Service

The filmmakers understand the simple power of ghosts, and they deliver a tense and chilling spook-fest.
Jeffrey M. Anderson-San Francisco Examiner

Mopey, po-faced rubbish.
Charlie Lyne-Ultra Culture

A boa notícia é que Radcliffe faz um trabalho eficiente em um longa que compreende que os arrepios duram mais que os sustos; a má é que o roteiro problemático compromete bastante o resultado final.
Pablo Villaca-Cinema em Cena

The Woman In Black is not a bad deal for those who are easily scared or/and haven't seen many ghost movies. It's well acted, nicely photographed, the story makes sense, and the conclusion will be satisfactory to most.
Staci Layne

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